OCHS Press is the publishing arm of the Owyhee County Historical Society. Each year, the Publication’s staff plans, edits and publishes a variety of books and the Outpost: A Journal of Owyhee County History.

The Owyhee Outpost has been published for the past 50 years and is a primary source for information about the history of the Owyhee County region. In recent years, each edition of the Outpost has had a general historical theme including, Ranching, Transportation, and Water.

Other projects by OCHS Press include the reprinting of the 1898 Owyhee County Business Directory, also known as “the Blue Book,” and Sketches of Owyhee County by Helen Nettleton.

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OCHS Press Staff:

Vacant, Publications Chair
Eriks Garsvo, Director

Mary O’Malley, Managing Editor