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Welcome to our Book Store Our Book Store offers a wide variety of books,
maps and other helpful resources. Please send us an email to: to place an order or ask any questions you may have. Remember…OCHS members receive a 10% discount on all OCHS Publications.

New Books & Old Adventures We have new books! Some of history, others of adventure,or perhaps your interests soar with the birds of the sky, or the geology of this great land. There’s something for everyone!

Outpost Index This index lists the author, subject, and location names/titles inside of our Outposts! They are listed alphabetically, with the specific Outpost # and the page it is located on.

The file is located on the side bar. There is a complete pdf file with all 342 pages, or if that is too large, please use the sections, which are labeled with the alphabetical range of the section.

Postage rates   Shipping/Handling

Up to $16.00………..$5.95
$16.01 to $25.00…….$7.79
$25.01 to $40.00…….$9.87
$40.01 to $60.00…….$12.14
$60.01 to $80.00…….$15.25
$80.01 to $99.99…….$20.45
$100.00 plus…………FREE


_blankCommunities of the Past – Owyhee Outpost #46 $11.00





_blankSettlements – Owyhee Outpost #45  $10.00





_blankAlong the River and Up the Creek – Owyhee Outpost #44




_blank“In honor of Jerry E. Stanke” – Owyhee Outpost # 43




_blankOwyhee Canyonlands – $27.95
Owyhee Canyonlands is filled with incredibly beautiful photographic scenes of the land and culture that surrounds us




_blankSketches of Owyhee County – $40.00
Out of print for years the OCHS Press is pleased to announce that we have reprinted this classic. Non-numbered hard cover copies are available for $40.00. call or email to place your order.
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